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Let's see what our customers say

The pins arrived today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

WOW! I wanted to ask that the exact same black in the attached photo is used for the plating of the new pins!

That matte look is PERFECT! Also the same glitter as in the new pins.

Miriam Dinkens


Great service

Easy to work with followed instructions knowledgeable and understanding.

Helen was excellent customer service Definitely will continue to do business 

They are a valued business partner

Jill Castaldo


Your package arrived safe and sound :-) and fast too.

Faster than Czech post delivery for 70 km.

Very, very nice items.

Thank you very much!

Petr Jandl

Kolin, Czech Republic

Hi Alex, yes I got them and they look great. Thank you!

Rachel Kanter


Was just about to email to say how amazing the pins are!

They are fantastic!!!!

Noah Brodie


The coins arrived this morning and I'm really pleased with them.
Thank you once again for helping us with the design and creating something that we can be really proud of.

Diane Gowans

NSW, Australia